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    1. Guests commit to set their status as "Going" on the  Facebook posting in which the event (read page "
    Events") or the equivalent in any other platform in which the event has been posted before participating in the event;

    2. Guests accept that pictures and video will be taken during the event to be used to promote next events;

    3. Guests choose during the Event only tables in which the spoken language is one of the languages in which they can fully hold a conversation (B level) without the support of any other language and commit to keep the use of that language at the chosen table;

    4. Guests avoid commercial promotion activities during the events;
    5. Guests commit to report any violation of the rules to the organizers;

    6. Guests understand that the Organizers can request them to leave the table or the event at any time;

    7. Guests agree that neither the Sprachencafé Wien nor Organizers are responsible for any loss of personal property or financial, physical, or emotional damage;

    8. Guests agree that these rules can be updated at any time based and can be changed during, before and after the events.

    For further details please read page "F.A.Q.".

    By joining the Events you accept these rules and not having read these rules will at no time be considered a valid reason to be exempted from them.