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  • F.A.Q.


    Where can I find the Rules?
    The rules we observe during our events can be found here.

    When are the rules valid?
    The Rules are valid during the official duration of the Event posting as stated on Facebook. Before the beginning and after the end they are not valid.  

    I don't have Facebook. Can I still participate?
    We accept registrations to the Event also on other social platforms such as Meetup. Just make sure you register to the event somehow!

    I have Facebook but I don't want to register to the Event.
    Can I still participate?

    You are free to register with any social platform we support such as Meetup, although we do prefer Facebook, so if you can, please subscribe there.

    Why do I have to register to the event?
    The main reason is to promote our Events.
    As you may have noticed, the participation to our Events is free and therefore their promotion is based on Social Media.
    Your subscription helps more people become aware of our Events, making them bigger and cooler (which is mainly to your own advantage!).
    It is also important for us to know how big the Event will be to be able to cope with the resources we have available.

    My account is anonymous: false name/no photo picture.
    Can I still use it for the registration?

    As long as you can prove that the account belongs to you (by replying to a chat message for example) this is fine.


    What should I do when I arrive at the event site?
    You should look for the Organizers. They will point you out to the right tables according to the languages you are able to speak fluently (see below). They might check your registration to the Event so you might be asked to show them the registration status page on your mobile. This will no longer be necessary once you become familiar to the Organizers. 


    I don't want you to take pictures/videos with me.
    Please don't do it.

    Unfortunately this request cannot be accepted. By joining our Events you accept us taking pictures of you and posting them for promotion purposes. If you really don't want us to, we can avoid taking close-ups but we can't ensure that you are excluded from group pictures or being visible in background. 

    Why do you take pictures and videos during the Event?
    Like for our Event subscriptions, we use pictures and videos to promote the next Events. These media help us to show how our Events are to the potential participants of the next Events.


    How do I understand which language is spoken at the tables?
    Don't worry: You will find a label on each table showing the language spoken.

    Can I change/move/remove the labels? 
    Please don't do it. You can ask the Organizers to do this for you. If this does not represent an organizational problem for the Event, they will do it for you.


    Can I come to learn a new language?
    Our Events are meant to be a time in which people who speak the same language chill out and have fun together. No classes are held at our tables. Of course someone could be happy to answer some language questions or to help you but our Events are neither language courses nor tandem events. 

    "I can't speak the language but I do understand everything". Can I still sit at that table?
    Unfortunately, not yet. It's far less fun for you and for the people around you at the table. We encourage you to come back and try later again when you can fully hold a conversation in that language (B1-B2 level) and get the best out of the Event.

    I am learning right now this language. Can I sit at that table?
    Well, it depends. You can sit at that table only if you can hold a conversation in that language without using other languages. The Organizers might quickly check your language skills. Your language knowledge is supposed to be a B1-B2 level or better. 

    I am with a friend and I do speak that language but he/she doesn't. Can we sit at the same table?
    You can sit at that table but unfortunately your friend can't.
    Sorry about that but we cannot make any exceptions to this rule. However read also the answer to the question "What language must I speak if I don't sit at any table?" for further details.

    Can I speak to people who sit at a table with a different language?
    Sorry, this is not a Tandem Event. Each Table is provided with a label indicating which language is to be spoken there. If you are not able to speak that language you might try later on, when your language skills improve. If you wish to speak a different language, simply move to another table.

    Is it ok to change table?
    Of Course! You can change tables as often as you want but keep in mind that you must still be fluent in the language spoken at the new table you choose.

    What if I try to trick Organizers about my language skills just to sit at a specific table?
    Nobody likes to be fooled and neither do the Organizers who might remind you that violating the Rules can be a reason to be excluded from the tables or from the whole Event.

    What language must I speak if I don't sit at any table?
    As long as you are not sitting at a table with a label, you are free to speak any language you prefer. No specific language is required.


    Why can't I do commercial promotion activities during the Event?
    Guests are participating in our Events to speak foreign languages and not to buy your services/products. Organizers might ask you to leave the Event if any Guest reports being harassed in such a way.

    What if they ask me what I do for a living?
    It's ok to tell others what you do for a living in a common conversation. It's not ok to give them brochures, to propose them to buy something, to get into details such as prices. You know what we mean. In case of doubt use your common sense.


    What happens if I violate a rule?
    It depends. If you did it for the first time or unintentionally the Organizers will likely just remind you the Rules. Other cases may be more serious and could end up with an exclusion from the table or from the Event.
    Both Participants and Organizers participate in the Events to have a great time: common sense and Rules help us in that.

    What should I do if I notice a rule violation?
    You are encouraged to report this to the Organizers. 


    What happens if the Organizers asks me to leave?
    The goal of the Organizer is to run the event smoothly therefore this is very unlikely to happen as long as you respect the Rules. However if you don't behave appropriately they can ask you to leave the table, the Event or in the worst cases apply a permanent ban from the Events.

    What happens if I don't respect the ban and stay/come back to the next event?
    What do you think would happen if you sit at a table reserved by someone else against his permission?
    However just make sure you won't have to find it out: respect our guests, the Event locations and the Rules and you won't have to deal with these circumstances.

    Do you have any further questions? Don't hesitate to Contact Us!